Worth a Thousand Words

Sometimes as writers, we use evocative words and scenarios that flow together to paint a picture in the mind of how we want things to be perceived. Sometimes those thousands of words can’t compare to a few simple passages coupled with the perfect visual companion.

Photo (4)

Photo (5)

Photo (6)

Photo (7)


No thousand words could match the story painted here.




About Jack Chaser

Its hard to not look at this thing as an online dating profile so lets go with that theme. Hard working, athletic male seeks readers of all types. Intelligence not mandatory but a definite plus
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3 Responses to Worth a Thousand Words

  1. I love these! Especially the coffee mug and the sheets. If I don’t wash the cup I can put my lips where your lips have been, and if I don’t wash the sheets I still might be able to catch your scent.

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