The Road

The Road

The road doesn’t care how you got on it. It doesn’t care why you travel it.

It simply knows that you were always meant to tread it.

The road doesn’t care that you think everything is a race.

It doesn’t care if you think you are in the lead or so far behind you can’t see the finish line.

The road is simply there to remind you to keep moving forward

It doesn’t care if you put your head down and sprint or tilt your head back and watch the clouds as you trudge along

The road doesn’t care that you think your alone

It simply knows that eventually someone else’s road will cross over yours

The road knows that sometimes those roads intersect for the blink of an eye and sometimes for the rest of your journey

It knows that if you are lucky enough, when you reach the finish, someone will be walking with you that can keep up


About Jack Chaser

Its hard to not look at this thing as an online dating profile so lets go with that theme. Hard working, athletic male seeks readers of all types. Intelligence not mandatory but a definite plus
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8 Responses to The Road

  1. Isabella says:

    Simply beautiful…love it

  2. I like this one Jack, but I tend toward poetry. It is so personal, yet your experience reflects the human experience, and you speak it here, to heal and understand yourself, which then offers healing and understanding for others. I can read my own story in yours.

    It’s so clear here that you’re in the middle of the desolation that comes with loss, but that your beginning to find the anchor of seeing your entire life, its larger meaning and purpose, the requirements of acceptance and faith, and come what may, you’ve committed to your story.

    There’s power in that, and the hope of redemption.

    Thank you for sharing.

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